We’re Passionate About Technology

We bring the latest technologies, architecture, processes and design principals to every engagement but we are experienced enough to know the difference between changes that benefit your company and change for the sake of change.

Small, Highly-Qualified Team

We hold the idea that small, highly-qualified teams using industry best practices can develop software more efficiently than large, difficult to coordinate consulting organizations. 

We're Skilled in all Aspects of Technology Development

Quality Assurance, Audit, and Testing. SUM Global’s QA team provides a broad range of skills that help you define and implement a strategy for a faster delivery and higher standard of software. Our team has experience with the quality assurance processes and technologies employed by large companies across industries.

Mobile and Web Development. SUM Global has a long and deep history of developing applications. Our team’s experience includes shrink-wrap software, mission critical “bet your business” software, mobile, web, and utilities. 

Gradle. SUM Global is a certified Gradle partner. Gradle has been our “Go To” build tool since its release candidate days.