SUM Global is a Certified Gradle Partner

Gradle has been our “Go To” build tool since its release candidate days. SUM Global specializes in build migrations from your current build tool such as Maven, Ant or other build methods. We have migrated numerous customers and well over 100 enterprise level builds. We also migrated the Sitewhere open source projects from Maven to Gradle. This helped speed up their build significantly and organized the project better to create an easier to understand build.


We are experts in helping to create industry best practices for your development infrastructure. We can help with the entire process from SCM (Source Code Management) to utilizing the latest tools to create the most demanding Continuous Delivery infrastructure and processes. SUM Global is passionate about proper build processes. We recommend tools because we utilize them for our own and our customer’s successful real world “bet your business” software development projects.


We presented at the 2016 G3 Summit on build and process migrations and case studies from our experiences.