What We Do

SUM Global provides technical services for all phases of a software development project. Our project services include business analysis, requirements definition, architecture, programming, quality assurance, and project management.

  • SUM Global has engineered every facet of a Smart Metering System.  We have unified Meter Head End, CIS, OMS, MDM and Prepay to build a “Smart” solution for multiple utilities throughout the United States.
  • SUM Global provides services spanning the meter-to-cash cycle of electric, water and gas.  We create solutions for customer self service, billing, meter data management and data communications.  We will customize a solution for each utility’s unique business process.
  • Legacy CIS (Customer Integration Systems) must be upgraded to support the real-time data provided by a smart metering system.  SUM Global can integrate the old systems to manage the flood of data that smart metering provides. It’s a challenge that all utilities must eventually face. Let us help! It’s what we do.
  • SUM Global provides comprehensive Business Intelligence (BI) consulting services that range from initial implementations to mature deployments. Our consultants have extensive experience with various BI software solutions, and we stay current on any new releases so that we can fully support customer upgrades. Our BI team has delivered numerous solutions in all facets of business analytics, including data architecture and data warehousing.
  • SUM Global begins by understanding your business requirements and determining how your business users consume information. For example, is your business analysis-driven? Is reporting ad hoc or structured? Are reports generated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? In what format do reports come: as graphics, as a list, or through a dashboard manager? From that assessment, we create a high-level project plan and a roadmap charting the course for your BI initiative.
  • Properly identifying and documenting requirements is critical to the success of any IT project. SUM Global has a team of business analysts with vast experience in eliciting, analyzing, documenting and communicating business requirements that can be used in delivering successful projects. 
  • Our team includes analysts with the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certification from the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) with experience in all project phases from project initiation through delivery.
  • SUM Global is a certified Gradle partner
  • Gradle has been our “Go To” build tool since its release candidate days. SUM Global specializes in build migrations from your current build tool such as Maven, Ant or other build methods. We have migrated numerous customers and well over 100 enterprise level builds. 
  • We are experts in helping to create industry best practices for your development infrastructure. We can help with the entire process from SCM (Source Code Management) to utilizing the latest tools to create the most demanding Continuous Delivery infrastructure and processes.
  • SUM Global is passionate about proper build processes. We recommend tools because we utilize them for our own projects and our customer’s successful real world “bet your business” software development projects.
  • SUM Global has experienced ServiceNow experts on staff, providing software-as-a-service to IT operations for both large and small corporations.
  • We have configured Nagios monitoring for large IT infrastructures.  We can train your staff to maintain the system, understand the reporting, and send alerts to the necessary staff before small problems escalate.

SUM Global Success Stories

While we can’t highlight every successful project on our website, here are a few examples of how SUM Global stepped in to solve a challenge for our customers:

Retail Case Study

A Fortune 500 company with a large retail presence was having significant issues with their Business Intelligence reporting. While they had recently implemented a BI solution they weren’t deriving the benefits they had anticipated. Read More

Financial Industry Case Study

A leading company in the consumer finance marketplace was having stability and performance issues with their existing financial processing applications. These legacy applications had become increasingly difficult to maintain, enhance, deploy and run. Read More

Smart Grid Case Study

A major supplier of smart grid solutions to utilities needed assistance validating the scalability of their newly developed head-end system. While the vendor could test the functionality of the head-end system with test meters, they had no way of validating if the head end system would scale to support the large number of AMI enabled meters that would be frequently communicating back to the head-end system once their product was released. Read More