Business Intelligence Reporting

A Fortune 500 company with a large retail presence was having significant issues with their Business Intelligence (BI) reporting. While they had recently implemented a BI solution they weren’t deriving the benefits they had anticipated. Their biggest issue was the length of time it was taking to create custom reports. While their internal customers were expecting reports to be delivered in days it often took weeks or months to develop custom reports. Business users were getting frustrated at the time it took to develop new reports and were not adopting the new system. Another big challenge they were facing was issues with data integrity in the warehouse database.


SUM Global was brought in to take over the management of their BI program. Our engineers first implemented automated reconciliation features that guaranteed the quality of data in their warehouse. Once the data was determined to be valid we turned our attention to improving their development processes.We trained their BI team to utilize our standard defined development processes and were able to drastically reduce the time it took to develop custom reports for users. Reports that once took weeks to develop were now being created in a day. Subsequent improvements included making significant performance improvements to their BI solution.


As a result of the work SUM Global did at this client adoption of the BI tool by their internal customers increased dramatically.