SUM Global and Bazel

SUM Global provides Build, Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery design, implementation and infrastructure tooling. End users have higher and higher expectations for performance, features and information. Development processes and tooling to support these demands is complex and ever changing. Being nimble enough to utilize tooling, and process improvements is critical for today’s high demand development environment. Bazel’s multi-language builds, caching and integration with today’s best of breed CI/CD tools along with SUM Global’s expertise enables your success.  Developer time is expensive, and minimizing build times while keeping the build correct every time is critical. Bazel is the answer for handling your complex, demanding build ecosystem.


We have decades of experience creating and optimizing build and deployment infrastructure to support our clients needs. In the polyglot language environment of today’s modern systems, the Bazel build system is fast, supports multiple languages, scalable and extensible. SUM Global brings our vast experience with other tools such as Gradle, Maven, Ant, CMake and Make and most recently Bazel to create a stable, repeatable and fast build and deployment infrastructure to meet your needs. We use the extensive library of Bazel rules to support your environment or if needed,  we can build custom rules to tailor your infrastructure to meet your exact specifications. Backed by Google and based on Google’s Blaze tool, it’s our goto tool for builds at scale across a multitude of languages from your Javascript/Typescript web application, mobile apps (Android/Apple) to your complex blend of monoliths and microservice backend server processes running in your data center and the cloud. Bazel can build it, and build it fast!

We look forward hearing about your project and how we can help.